Innovation is the activator and energy for the competition of the company. Based on our the outstanding R & D team, Taiwan Alpha keeps the most state-of-art technology and helps its customers shorten the time-to-market.

The major R & D items in the recent years.
Taiwan Alpha developed following new products in these five years:

  •   Introduced Bending Detection Sensor MB060-N-221-A01 and MB090-N-221-A01. Alpha's patented Bending Detection Sensor can detect bend-radius movements via resistance output. It can be used for rehabilitation, gaming and many applications.

  •   Introduced membrane force sensor MF01-N-220-A01 and MF02-N-220-A01 to expand the sensor product line from rigid to flexible electronics. Through this newly developed membrane force sensor and position sensor sensing technology solutions for flexible and wearable electronics needs can be provided. In addition to standard types, custom-designed membrane sensors for medical, fitness, home appliance, automotive and industrial applications are also available.

  •   Developed RD101F rotary resistive sensor for radio-controlled aircraft and servo motor in consumer electronics.

  •   Added RD110F rotary resistive sensor to the long-life automotive sensor product line to meet the sensing and control needs in automotive electronics and home appliance industries.

  •   DONGGUAN ALPHA ELECTRONIC CO., LTD factory acquired TUV NORD ISO/TS16949 certificate.

  •   Launched long-life RA0801F, RA0901F, and RA1201F linear resistive sensors series designed for automotive electronics market.

  •   To adapt to the market demand RV112FF model, a brand new potentiometer with the state of the art design of endless rotation worldwide, is developed and patented.

  •   Slide potentiometer RA00B1MF and RA00B2MF as the critical component used on large precise mixing console are equipped with slide rail design, and its motor driving or manual operation mode allows customers to switch over at their own choice.

  •   Created pulse switch SR10030 for communication products such as wireless intercoms.

  •   Acquired the patent to produce Wire-wound power potentiometers and production skill from "Avolites".

  •   Completely developed micro switch SM1600 with large rating of voltage to expand our switch product line.

  •   Completely developed optical encoders, giving signals with precision, which can be applied on to medical equipment

  •   Developed RA45F2 with long life, low residual resistance and light feeling slide
    to meet big demands of DJ Mixer. RA45F2 can also bear higher operating voltage than general types.

  •   With half-year endeavor, our R & D team finally created SF120 series to match the best selling foot-controlled effects in musical industry. Our SF120 series are well recognized and welcome in industry.


  •    Developed 453(J) for Radio-Shack's products (3008&3009) in American market as the first manufacturer offering the pots with light feeling slide and low residual resistance. 453(J) also substitutes products from Japanese company.

  •   Cooperated with American company Gemini to develop cross faders 45D2.
    45D2 is a potentiometer with features of light feeling, low noise and long life.

  •   Completed the development of encoders, RE160, RE120, RE111 and RE100 for the upcoming digital century. RE160 and RE120 are widely applied on electronic musical equipments and DVD players. RE111 is applied on computer monitors. RE100 is the micro-encoder series, which goes with the mouse device for the computer.

On the whole, we are marching to the goal of building up the image of TAIWAN ALPHA to be "Quality, Perfect, and Innovation." Hence, Taiwan Alpha will continuously create new ideas with "ALPHA" brand to satisfy customers' demand, and surpass their expectation as always.

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