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Evolving from the traditional rigid potentiometers, the membrane position sensors with the advantages of its slim and flexible features, can easily adapt to tremendous restricted geometrical space.

Thus, because of the exceptional flexible property, and moreover, the robust durability as high as 0.5 million cycles, the membrane potentiometers are widely used in various applications including medical, industrial, automotive, consumer electronics, and many others.

For custom solution, except for the desired active length, special geometrical shape and layout, different substrate bases are also available upon request. In addition to the standard PET substrate, polyimide version can endure the operating temperature as high as 85°C. And for easy assembly and special request such as in automotive industry, FR4 substrate base is available as well. The membrane position sensors can ideally meet the requests of customers at ease.
    Medical technology and health:
  • Controller for (patient) beds

  • HMI for medical instrument

    Automotive industry:
  • Automatic sunroof controller of car

  • Controller for car window

  • HMI for car interior


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